About Ni De Mama

Ni De Mama is a nod to the shared experience of growing up struggling to navigate between a Chinese and western culture. From the question of individuality versus community and family, skipping out on Saturday morning cartoons to go to Chinese school, or even just being that kid in class with the weird lunch, there is a sense of familiarity and community that arises in the knowledge that there is so much common ground between us.

We aim to recognize and celebrate this community that we've built through shared struggles, interests, and language. Our designs highlight these experiences through childhood and modern day references as well as Chinglish puns, underlining the unique in-between of language and heritage that we take pride in being a part of.

So whether you're a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer, whether you've learned the violin or the piano as a child, whether or not you still throw your arms backwards like a Shinobi to make yourself more aerodynamic when you run, we hope you'll be able to have a laugh in the little reminders of who we are and how we've been shaped by both the cultures of our homes and the society around us.


Behind the name

The name "Ni De Mama" is the Chinese translation of the age-old insult, "Your mom." It hearkens back to playground days but also serves as a reminder of a mother and the love that she subtly displays by slicing fruit for you or asking if you've eaten. Double meanings everywhere!